What Almost Everyone Forgets to Discuss With Their Office Cleaners

When hiring office cleaners, you want to take the time to go over every detail with them about how the office needs to be cleaned and if you have any preferences as to cleaning products and processes, and the like. As detailed as you might be, you may very well forget to discuss a few important things with a potential office cleaning company. Note a few of these here so nothing is overlooked or assumed when work begins.

1. Trash can liners

Even if office cleaners say that they will provide their own cleaning supplies, don't assume this means trash can liners. You may need to provide them yourself, as they may not be considered as part of their office cleaning supplies and equipment. If you do have the cleaners provide them, be sure you note in the contract how often the liners should be replaced, or they may avoid doing this as long as possible to reduce their costs. In turn, your office may wind up with liners that don't smell very good and that may be torn and tattered.

2. Ceiling fans and fixtures

Not all office cleaners will address ceiling fans and fixtures, or anything that may require them to be on ladders. Their insurance may not allow them to work at what is considered an "elevated height," so you may need to clean your own ceiling fans, light fixtures, and other such accessories if you want this work done.

3. Vents

Heating and air conditioning vents often get very dirty in an office environment, as they may be circulating air from a back production facility. The vents of your office may need vacuuming or regular cleaning, so they're clear of as much dust and debris as possible, but your office cleaners may not think to include this in their standard vacuuming and dusting. Be sure to mention it if you notice that the vents in the wall tend to get dirty quite often.

4. Dishes

Should your office cleaners load and unload your office dishwasher, or wash the dishes that employees leave in the break room? Don't assume this will be done; if you want the cleaners to empty out the sink and wash the coffee mugs and other items in the employee kitchen, note this in your contract and be sure you discuss it with them.

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