Five Features Your Shutters Need If You Live on the Coast

If your home is oceanside, you need to keep in mind the unique threats it receives from the ocean when choosing your shutters. Ideally, your shutters should provide a decorative touch, while also protecting your home from the elements. Here are the features to consider: 1. Marine protective paint or coating Near the coast, your home is exposed to salt spray as well as salty air. The salt can build up on your shutters, causing corrosion. Read More 

How To Keep Snakes Out Of Your Horse Barn

If you have barn stabling and live out in a rural area, you probably encounter snakes in your barn.  Although not every snake is venomous, many Australian species are, and they don't make welcome house guests in your horse's accommodations. Here's some practical advice on how to deter snakes from setting up home in your horse barn. Why would snakes nest in your barn? The first point to note is that snakes do not seek to chase, or otherwise harass, humans or horses! Read More 

Cleaning Tips for Glass Staircase Balustrades

Glass staircase balustrades give homes the up-to-date look that most homeowners are currently on the lookout for. But the glass used for the balustrades needs to be kept clean in order to radiate the visual qualities that glass material is well-known for and will ensure that the elegant look of a glass staircase balustrade is maintained. The following tips will help ensure that the glass staircase balustrades in your home stay clean and look great. Read More 

The Connection Between Your Mattress And Your Health

The condition of your mattress greatly affects your overall health. You may not be aware of the connection between the mattress and your health, but there is a significant connection, and you should always check whether your mattress is in good condition. Below is a guide on how to identify a faulty mattress and what to do about it. Dirt and Pest Harbor A mattress that is poorly maintained is likely to accumulate dirt and become a pest harbor. Read More 

What Almost Everyone Forgets to Discuss With Their Office Cleaners

When hiring office cleaners, you want to take the time to go over every detail with them about how the office needs to be cleaned and if you have any preferences as to cleaning products and processes, and the like. As detailed as you might be, you may very well forget to discuss a few important things with a potential office cleaning company. Note a few of these here so nothing is overlooked or assumed when work begins. Read More