Window solutions 101 | 3 window treatment tips for renters.

Do you move a lot and want to avoid the hassle of installing elaborate window treatment hardware each time? Or maybe your landlord has a strict 'no holes in the wall' policy that severely limits your options? Not to worry, you're in the right place. Drapery offers a great way of making your house a home and personalizing your space. However, for renters, the mainstream window treatment options may appear to be expensive and inconvenient. If you are a tenant and want a simple solution for your window treatment plan, here are some tips.

Be shop savvy.

When it comes to buying curtains, there are a number of things you need to consider if you are a renter. Don't go for customized curtains that are useless elsewhere. Many tenants may not enjoy the 'promise of permanence' felt by homeowners, so customizing curtains to where you presently live is a big mistake. Instead, go for long curtains that can be hemmed to fit a window in favour of short ones that won't do whenever your new place has large windows. Try to choose curtains with darker shades that are able to blend in with a variety of paint plans and avoid overly bright colour schemes that require specific backgrounds. Also, go for stores that allow you to return the curtain if opened in case what you bought isn't suitable.

Use command hooks.

Command hooks are a sure way of installing curtains without involving a drill. Furthermore, they are simple to remove when it comes to moving out. They are affixed to the wall using an adhesive after which a curtain rod or curtain clips can be placed with ease to hang your curtain. Depending on the design, command hooks will still offer a desired stylish look so you won't even have to worry about appearing drab to the neighbours.

Use tension rods.

Tension rods are a great solution to tenants since they are easily adjustable to the width of the window. This is a great help, especially for those moving from place to place quite frequently. Also, they fit easily to windows with no hardware required. This eliminates the costly procedures involved with elaborate drapery. Tension rods today are even decorated beforehand and come across as very stylish. Since you can place them anywhere you want on the window, you can amuse yourself with inspired curtain combinations for the best look.