How to Prepare Your Awning for Winter Hibernation

When the summer ends and the days become shorter and cooler, it's time to put your awning into hibernation for the winter. A good-quality awning should provide shading for your patio or pergola for many years, and you can prolong its life by preparing it properly for winter storage. Read on to find out more. Cleaning Before you put your awning away for the winter, it's important that it's clean and dry. Read More 

Get Ready for the Upcoming Summer Season by Getting a Split-System Air Conditioning Unit

The temperatures are already rising and summer is yet to fully kick in. If you're feeling the heat, it's time to start taking active measures towards keeping cool for the next coming months. One way to do this is to get a split-system air conditioner. This aircon unit is simple and compact, yet effective in its role. Ideal for large to medium rooms, it's the perfect way to fight the heat for a number of reasons: Read More 

How to Make a Shishi Odoshi for Your Garden

If you'd like to recreate the ambience of a Japanese garden in your outside space, why not install a traditional shishi odoshi, or bamboo water hammer?  This interesting and decorative water feature was originally used as a deer scarer by rice farmers to protect their crops from raiding animals.  Now the gentle, hollow knocking sound of the hammer against the cheerful burble of running water makes a lovely complement to any garden design. Read More 

How To Ensure That Your Fire Extinguisher Will Help You Control A House Fire

House fires are an unfortunate but common occurrence. In Queensland alone, there were 2500 house fires in 2014, and in a five year period 80 lives were lost. Having the right equipment to put fires out before they can cause serious damage is vital. A fire extinguisher is one of the most important pieces of equipment to have. However, simply have a fire extinguisher in the house isn't enough. Here's how to make sure your fire extinguisher will be of assistance if a fire breaks out in your home. Read More 

Considerations When Opting For International Flower Delivery

Before, if you had a loved one living across the globe you would have to settle for writing letters, which took a while to get there. The most convenient option would be to make long distance phone calls but these were quite expensive. All this is in the past though with the strides communication technology has taken. Not only can you chat with someone halfway across the globe for practically free, but you can also hold video calls, which are also much cheaper than long distance phone calls used to cost. Read More