Kitchen Renovation Ideas for Small Spaces

Renovating a small kitchen gives you an opportunity to create needed storage, and make the kitchen look and feel bigger overall. Since it can be a challenge to renovate any small space, especially a kitchen, note a few quick suggestions for making the most of your plans.

Take out the dishwasher

Removing the dishwasher can mean having space for an entire lower cabinet. You might hesitate to do this even if you don't use your dishwasher very often, as you may not want to go without one altogether. In this case, consider shopping for a portable model. A portable dishwasher can be very small, no larger than a standard kitchen trash bin, and slide into a corner of the pantry. There are also countertop models; these can be stored in a cupboard and then placed next to the sink when needed. Even when stored away, these take up less space than any standard dishwasher.

Go up

Be sure you're using all the space overhead in your small kitchen. This means upper cabinets that reach the ceiling and a pot rack that you might install around the kitchen light. A shelf over the kitchen window can hold cookbooks and a jar for coffee or teabags.

Use the walls

The wall behind your stovetop is a perfect place for a spice rack or hooks for utensils. A sturdy, heatproof shelf can also be used for storing cutting boards. You might install a long, narrow magnetic piece to hold knives; the knife blades adhere to the magnetic strip, getting those knives out of your kitchen drawers.

Sliding surfaces

The gap above your kitchen drawers and below the benchtop is often wasted space. Have your contractor install a sliding cutting board in this area. This board would have rollers on the bottom and then roll into the cabinet, just like a drawer. This gives you added counter space for food prep when needed, and the board can slide out of the way when you're done with it. Opt for a thick, sturdy board installed away from the stovetop and it can also serve as a child's eating place or a desktop for them to do homework while you're cooking.

Use glass

You want a small kitchen to be functional but also to look its best, so use glass surfaces as much as possible. This might include a glass splashback and glass benchtop. The glass will reflect light and keep your kitchen from seeming closed-in and dark, a challenge with many small kitchen spaces.