Maybe You Need a Self-Storage Unit For Permanent Storage!

When you think of using a self-storage unit, do you automatically think of someone who just lost their house or left their spouse and needs to store their items temporarily while they find a place to live? These are certainly very common uses for such a unit, but it's not their only use. A self-storage unit can be a good option even for permanent storage for you or your family; note when it may be a good choice for you.

You've bought another car, caravan, or ATV

Keep in mind that while you might fit your new car or toy in the garage with all your sporting goods and other items, having the space too crowded can increase the risk of something scraping up against your new purchase. One stray bike that falls away from the wall and onto your new caravan, or a set of skis that scrape against the side of your new car because you were trying to squeeze past it while unloading the roof rack of your other vehicle can mean hundreds of dollars in damage to the paint job.

Note, too, that it can be very frustrating trying to dig through all your sporting goods and equipment when everything is crowded together. To avoid this, get a self-storage unit for off-season items or to store your caravan when not in use so you can access everything conveniently and protect your new purchase.

You want to entertain overnight guests

If you've recently gotten married or bought a new house or for whatever reason want to start hosting holiday weekends or relatives from out of town, consider how comfortable your guests will be in a crowded spare bedroom. If you use the room for out-of-season clothes, old paperwork, and the like, choose a self-storage unit instead so you can open up that space and make everyone comfortable. Smaller self-storage units that accommodate a few tubs and bins can be very affordable and work as a good storeroom for the family.

You're thinking of downsizing

You may be thinking of downsizing your home or apartment to something smaller and more manageable financially but are afraid of how all your things will fit into a one-bedroom apartment or retirement home. It can help to get yourself organised now and plan how a self-storage unit can assist; put all your out-of-season clothes in tubs and bins now, along with old paperwork, holiday decorations, and the like. This can help you determine if a smaller home or apartment would then accommodate the items you use daily while these other items are safely stored in a self-storage unit.