Termite Damage And Sinking Stumps: DIY Solutions And When To Call A Professional

Restumping a home can be incredibly expensive, and if your stumps have termite damage or if they are sunken deep into the ground, restumping may be your only option. However, there may be a quick fix you can try before you call the restumper. Here is a look at two DIY ideas and an explanation of when to call a professional:

1. Termite Damage

Termites can be a huge deterrent to timber stumps. If your stumps are infested by termites, they will snack through the middle of the stump, creating a hole. That hole allows the stump to sink into the ground, making your home uneven or unstable.

If you see termites flying near your home or you see termite wings around your home, that is a sign that termites have been swarming and looking for a new home. Before they can get out of control, set several boric acid bait traps out beneath your home, and clear away all firewood that may attract them.

If you believe that termites have already infected your stumps, dig down into the dirt around that stump. Press the wood. If it crumbles under your hand, that means that it has been infested by termites.

Contact pest control to help you remove the termites. If the damage is not severe, your stumps may be fine once the termites have been exterminated. However, if the stump is securely damaged from the termites, you will need to contact a restumping professional about replacing that stump or all of the stumps in your home.

2. Sinking Stumps

If your stump appears to be sinking from termite damage, follow the tips outlined above. If it appears to be sinking but there is no sign of termite damage that indicates that the ground around your stumps is not able to hold them in place.

If the sinking has just started, and you think you can live with a slanted floor, try reinforcing the stump with concrete. To do this, simply dig in the area around the stump, and once a large portion of it is clear, pour concrete into that area.

If the stumps have already sunk severely into the ground, you will need to call a professional restumper. When a professional re-stumps your home, they raise it on a jack, fill the holes beneath the stump with cement and other stabilising materials. Then they release the home and lower the stumps back into their holes.

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