Four Things You Should Consider When You Waterproof Your Basement

 Waterproofing a basement is part of the routine maintenance and upkeep for homeowners. You may be considering reapplying the waterproofing or applying it for the first time. Before you handle the job yourself, there are a few things you should consider. Here are three considerations that will help you decide if you can handle the job, how best to approach it and what you should do if you can't handle the job yourself.

Waterproofing Surfaces

The first thing to consider when you waterproof the basement is the surface material. Some basements have a concrete floor, but the walls may be cement that is covered in plaster. You may have a basement that is all concrete. You also may have a finished basement which is a basement that has insulated walls and a finished floor.

Make sure you know what type of surfaces you have and how each is waterproofed. You may need multiple solutions for the various surfaces, or you may need only one type of solution if the material is the same throughout the area.

Exterior Waterproofing

If you have a subterranean basement, then exterior waterproofing won't be necessary. If your basement is only partially subterranean, or is completely exposed to the elements on at least one side, then you will need to waterproof the exterior. This will likely require a cement or concrete waterproofing seal. If the exterior is covered in a siding, like timber or stone, then you may need to consult a professional in order to waterproof the area properly.

Equipment and Tools

If you have waterproofed your deck, patio or driveway, then you are familiar with the kind of tools you need for a waterproofing project. However, the tools you need for a basement may be different. This is especially true if you have multiple surface types and materials. Before getting started, do a quick inventory of the type of equipment and tools you will need. If there are tools that you will need to buy that will not be used on other projects, you may want to consider having a professional handle the job.

These are just three considerations to take into account when you look at waterproofing your basement. If at anytime you feel like you don't have the proper knowledge or equipment for the job, contact a certified painter or waterproofing contractor. They can give you a price estimate and schedule a date to waterproof the interior and exterior of your basement and ensure that it is done properly.