The advantages of fibreglass pools over concrete pools

Fibreglass pools have several advantages over concrete pools and are a popular option for backyard pools. Consider some of the following benefits of fibreglass pools:

Speed of installation

Fibreglass pools are substantially quicker to install than concrete pools as there is not need for a curing process and the pool comes as a single piece, with a predesigned shape. Fibreglass pool installation requires similar digging and earthmoving but the pool can be installed in less than a week. Generally the design process for a concrete pool can take up to 3 months, and installation can take 4-6 weeks.

Smooth surface

The surface of a fibreglass pool is very smooth and some customers find it's a more pleasant surface especially for children swimming in the pool. Concrete starts as a rougher surface than fibreglass and becomes rougher over time and with pool usage. Concrete can be lined but this is separate step, which adds time and cost to the pool installation.

Lower maintenance

Concrete pools need to be refreshed every 2-10 years and must be drained for the refreshing/resurfacing. Many pool customers are surprised by this requirement, as they do not realize resurfacing is not usually covered under their structural warranties but is separately listed.  

Additionally concrete pools are particularly sensitive to certain issues with the pool chemicals including calcium buildup and pH levels. Fibreglass pools are chemically inert and tend to be less vulnerable to issues with the chemical balance in the water.

Comes as blue

Some customers like the fact that fibreglass pools come in a blue shade, without requiring a separate liner. Concrete pools can be lined to create a similar colour, but this is an added expense. Generally the water in lighter shaded pools will stay cooler in summer than in darker shaded pools.

Can be cheaper

The installation cost for a fibreglass pool does not involve a separate design stage, which lowers the overall cost.

Additionally, fibreglass pools after often cheaper than a similar sized concrete pool due to the lower labour component and lower shell cost. Fibreglass shells are mass-produced in a limited range of sizes and shapes, leading to a lower manufacturing cost. However, it is important to note that the cost of the crane lift will vary from area to area and affects the overall pool cost.

Many fibreglass pool suppliers also offer significant structural guarantees to allow their customers to be confident in the long-term stability of the product. For more information, contact a company like Riverina Pools & Spas.