3 Reasons Why A Bar-Front Ice Machine Is Perfect For Busy New Bars

If you open a new bar, chances are that you'll find yourself flocked with business in the evenings and on weekends. People are always willing to try out new bars, but service efficiency can make or break the success of the bar in the longer term. Patrons usually prefer ice cold drinks, so a commercial ice machine must have the capacity to produce fresh ice at all times for customers. A bar-front ice machine means that ice is constantly available without worrying about running out mid service. As the name suggests, a bar-front ice machine is placed out front to benefit both bartenders and customers. Here are some reasons why new bar owners should consider investing in a bar-front ice machine to maintain brisk bar business.

Better Patronage

Clean, cold and well-prepared drinks are extremely vital to patrons after a long working day or before a night of endless dancing. Ice plays a bigger role than you may realise – face it, no one likes warm vodka, do they? And what about those patrons who love their scotch on the rocks or the smooth blend of a frozen margarita? If your customers see value in your establishment, they are likely to keep coming back with their friends and will be willing to pay a higher price for your drinks over time. 

Decreased Waiting Time For Faster Orders

With a bar-front ice machine, bartenders won't have to keep running to the back-end of the bar for sourcing ice – they will be able to expedite orders of customers. When patrons are happy with efficient service, they're more prone to tipping better. Better tips keep your bartenders happy – they stay loyal and remain passionate about doing a better job. With a bar-front ice machine, there's no real reason for customer complaints, because you've stepped up the ante on efficient service. You're also equipping your patrons with the opportunity to fill their drinks with ice without having to wait for the busy bartender to do it for them. Your bartender will also be able to serve his wonder-worthy concoctions faster. The bar will run like a well-oiled machine – letting patrons effortlessly socialise without worrying about waiting in line for ice-cold drinks.

Commercial Prop For Flair Bartenders

A bar-front ice machine acts as the perfect prop for the flair bartending show you've invested in to draw more business to your new bar. Flair bartenders usually prepare cocktails using props like liquor bottles and cocktail shakers for preparing exotic concoctions to enthrall guests. Most cocktails require a substantial quantity of ice for their exceptional flavours and the ice machine provides a constant circulation of ice without breaking the flow of the bartender's performance.

If you're looking to create a firm footprint for your new bar amongst a multitude of well-established bars, make sure you invest in a convenient bar-front ice machine that serves both bartenders and customers – it can make a big difference to the way you run your bar.

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