It’s time to consider concrete garden edging

Concrete garden edging is a remarkably flexible option for the home garden. Concrete garden edging can be installed in any range of textures and colours, and can be adjusted to any garden bed size or shape. It helps delineate your garden beds, keeping your mulch and plants on one side,and lawn on the other side, which can make gardening (including lawn mowing and edge trimming) easier and quicker.

Here are some of the reasons to consider installing concrete garden edging.

Low maintenance option

Concrete garden edges require little ongoing maintenance. They can easily absorb water, sun and fertiliser with no ill effects on the appearance of the garden edging. This makes it a great option for gardeners who prefer to work on plants rather than the garden structure.

This also gives concrete garden edging a lower life cycle cost, as it lasts longer and does not need to be replaced as often as wire, timber or plastic garden edging options.

One piece or pavers

For particularly uniquely shaped garden beds, edging can be cast as a single piece. The advantage of a single piece of edging is that there will be fewer gaps for dirt and mould build-up, which results in less cleaning for the resident home gardener.

However, when cast as several pieces, the edging gains more shock absorbing ability, so that the individual pieces move and adjust rather than cracking if subject to severe force or movement of nearby tree roots. This shock absorbing ability can be useful, particularly if your backyard is a playground for lively children or animals! In this case, consider getting pavers rather than a single piece of edging.

Colour co-ordination

By choosing a complimentary colour to your paving and outdoor furniture, the concrete garden edging can create the impression of a larger outdoor area which can be very useful on small modern blocks with smaller gardens. You can also choose a texture that will play off the natural texture of the plants in your yard, creating a high impact and attractive outdoor living area.

Concrete edging can even be shaped to mimic the effects of bricks, without the extra clean up that brick require.

DIY or professional

If you are a confident DIYer, installing concrete edging is a very doable task. However if you don't feel confident installing the edging yourself, a professional garden designer can design and install concrete garden edging for a very affordable price. Installation tends to be a single day job, although the edging may require up to 3 days before becoming fully set. For more information, contact a company like Custom Kerbing.