Why Is A Ducted Vacuum System A Great Investment?

Ducted vacuum systems are increasingly becoming the vacuuming system of choice of a large number of homeowners. However, before you join this bandwagon of homeowners and put your money in a ducted vacuum system, you need to evaluate and understand the advantages associated with using ducted vacuum systems over other types of vacuuming systems.

With this in mind, here are a few reasons why investing in a ducted vacuum system is worth your money.

Great Allergy Relief

Allergen concerns will always be an issue when looking for a residential vacuuming system. Ducted vacuum systems are known for their ability to clean and purify indoor air better than other vacuuming systems.  This is for the simple reason that unlike portable vacuum cleaners, ducted vacuum systems will not release any of the vacuumed debris back into your living environment.  This is a common problem with conventional portable vacuum cleaners and it happens through their exhaust chambers.

Ducted vacuum systems are a solution to this problem because vacuumed debris is filtered into a location far away from your living spaces. This discourages the accumulation of allergens around your living spaces, thereby making your living environment healthier.

Ducted Vacuum Systems Produce Less Noise

Another advantage associated with the use of ducted vacuum systems is the fact that they are not as noisy as conventional vacuuming systems. This advantage can be explained in a number of ways. For one, ducted vacuum systems are typically installed far from the living area. This distance makes it difficult for you to be interrupted by noise from the vacuum system. This means that the noise produced by the vacuum motor is masked by the natural layout of your home.

Secondly, ducted vacuum systems are made with built-in noise reduction features that make it possible for vacuuming to be done with the least noise.

Power And Deep Cleaning Ability

A discussion on the benefits of ducted vacuum systems would not be considered complete without mentioning that these systems have greater vacuuming power than their standard counterparts.  This is because the motors used in these systems are designed to be more rigorous and more powerful than those used on standard vacuums. This allows ducted cleaners to clean carpets and other surfaces deeper.

A ducted vacuum system will lift dust, dirt and pet dander completely from the surface being vacuumed. These vacuums can also lift off small animals such as termites from the vacuumed surface. For more information, check out companies such as Ellem's Centravac.