Things You Can Expect With A New Home Builder

When you've decided that you want to build a new home for the first time, you will have to contract with a new home building company. But because you are new to the world of up-from-scratch construction, you may know not what the process entails as you go from choosing your land to viewing your completed house. So to help you out, here is what you can expect when you work with a new home builder.

House Selection  -- At the outset, a home builder will assign you a sales consultant whose job is to take you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have along the way. The sales consultant will show you a selection of what is known as 'house & land' packages, which are ready-made houses in selected areas, or you can also choose to have a house custom built if you don't like any of the selections in the house and land packages that you are shown. However, in most cases, you will save money by choosing a house & land package because the house is already built. Remember also, that you can add items to a house & land package as long as you are willing to pay for those extras. For example, if you want wood floors instead of the tile that is in a house, that can be arranged for you.

Financing -- If you have not obtained financing prior to visiting a home builder, then they can offer you financing options through their own mortgage company affiliations. You may end up saving some money if you qualify to obtain a loan from a home builder's banking source, because you are keeping all the money within the purview of the home builder, which makes you a more attractive client.

Knockdown and Rebuild -- You may decide that you want to invest in an old home that needs to be razed and a new home built on the same site. New home builders refer to this service as knockdown and rebuild, and they will handle all the demolition on your behalf, then offer you design options, or help you to design a custom home. Although you are building a brand new home, home builders won't charge you the same amount as if you had selected one of their land and home packages, because you bought the land and house prior to contacting the home building company. This can be a more economical option for you to build the house of your dreams at a rate that makes sense for your budget.

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