Tips For Choosing Window Shutters

Window shutters now come in so many styles and colours that it can be extremely difficult to choose the right ones for your home. If you are in such a dilemma, read on to find out how you can navigate through that huge variety of shutters on the market so that you find what is right for you.

Pick Wide Louvres For A Simple, Unfussy Look

If you are a minimalist and you prefer your window shutters to be simple and unfussy, select louvres that are wide (those that are wider than 80mm, for example). Such wide louvres will give your windows a clean, continuous appearance that will suit your taste.

Pick Narrow Louvres For Privacy

Some people go shopping for window shutters in order to enhance their privacy. If you are one such person, the narrow louvres will give you just that. Select louvres that are less than 65mm in width. Those louvres will obscure the view from outside your windows. They will also give your home a more traditional appearance. These narrow louvres also work very well for small windows. This is because their compact appearance does not look out of place on small windows.

Use Off-White Louvres To Make Your Room Appear Bigger

If you want your rooms to look bigger than they are, buy window shutters that are painted white or off-white. These louvres will make the rooms look bigger by reflecting light off their surface and into the room, creating an illusion of expansiveness. The rooms will look brighter and more welcoming.

Buy Motorised Shutters For Hard To Reach Windows

Some older homes have high windows. Such windows are hard to reach in order to close the shutters that you have installed on them. If your home is like that, buy motorised shutters. Such shutters can be opened, or closed by using a remote control panel. You can also program the remote control to shut them automatically at a certain time even if you are not around.

As you can see, it is easy to narrow down all shutters on the market according to the specific needs that they can serve. It should therefore be possible for you to narrow down your options to only those that address your specific needs. Remember to consult a shutter fitter for advice regarding whether you should buy exterior or interior shutters (depending on the placement and fitting of your windows). For more information, contact a company like Illawarra Blinds & Awnings.