Keeping Shower Screens Clean: 3 Secret Weapons for Keeping Soap Scums at Bay

The fatty acids and sodium or potassium salts in bars of soap react with the metals in hard water, like magnesium, calcium or iron, to form soap scum – a solid, white deposit. As you shower, soapy water splashes onto the shower screens, and with time, you should see a layer of soap scum accumulate on the surfaces.

Getting rid of soap scum requires a lot of elbow grease unless you have these 3 secret weapons by your side:

Make Use of Fabric Softener Sheets

Surprisingly, you won't have to go out of your way to find this secret weapon, as most households already have fabric softener sheets for their dryer. In case you don't, add this crucial weapon to your shopping list. The chemical agents in fabric softener sheets are formulated to soften water deposits, which is a key ingredient of soap scum.

It's easy to wipe soap scum off of the shower screens after you have loosened the deposits by scrubbing on them with a brush. You should find that the soap scum will wipe right off and you won't have to put any elbow grease into it.

Apply Wax or a Protective Coating On the Shower Screens

If the water can't stick onto the surfaces, then you can easily prevent soap scum from forming as well. The goal here is to make the surfaces of the shower screens as slick and smooth as possible, so that the water droplets just roll and slide right off.

Apply car wax or a protective coating on shower screens that are clean and dry. Glass cleaners that contain rain repellent are also effective if you have them lying around your home. Glass cleaners need to be reapplied more regularly than layers of car wax or other types of protective coating to be effective.

Switch to a Different Soap

Although this is not a necessarily a secret weapon that you use to get rid of soap scum, switching to synthetic soap can keep soap scum at bay. Paraffin found in bar soap is really the primary culprit for soap scum. Paraffin is not found in synthetic soap, so if you make the switch, you'll likely see and have to deal with a lot less soap scum.


Keep your shower screens clean and beautiful by getting rid of any soap scum that has accumulated on the surfaces. Although soap scum is unattractive, it doesn't damage your shower screens. It's more of a nuisance if anything.