Planning Kitchen Renovations? Design a Appealing Kitchen Layout with 3 Insider Tips

Your kitchen is the soul that binds every element in your home together, so naturally you'll want it to look absolutely perfect. Undertaking kitchen renovations requires careful consideration and planning. While the aesthetics are significant, the functionality is critical to a well-planned kitchen, especially when it comes to cooking and entertaining. To help you design a purposefully appealing kitchen, follow these insider tips for planning layouts.

Plan Your Work Triangle Effectively            

Known affectionately as the holy grail of the kitchen, the tried-and-test work triangle is made up of the three most vital elements: the refrigerator, the stovetop and the sink. Without even one of these elements, your kitchen wouldn't be complete or function. An ideal work triangle design requires each appliance to be placed in three different corners of the kitchen workspace to form a triangle. This is done to optimise the time and effort of moving between the appliances.

The central focus behind a kitchen work triangle is to demarcate distinct workspaces for each task to plan an ergonomic design that maximises efficiency between these vital elements. This makes it simple for two or more people to perform different tasks in the same kitchen without getting in each other's way. When planning kitchen renovations, use the work triangle as the focal point and centre every other element around it for a fully functional and aesthetically appealing kitchen.

Plan a Central Kitchen Island

In kitchens with a fair amount of space, a kitchen island doubles up as a visual focal point, while adding to the functionality of the kitchen workspace. This multi-purpose element acts as a dining table, built-in wine bar, serving area, workspace and storage area that is easily accessible from every side of the room. During kitchen renovations, consider the space you have available and plan your kitchen island accordingly and ensure that you have enough moving space around it.

Create Well-lit Spaces

For kitchens to function pleasantly and look great, they must be properly lit with a mixture of task lighting and ambient lighting. One light source will not do the trick. You'll need to account for task lights above kitchen islands, cooktops and workspaces, while you can have ambient lighting to illuminate cabinets, dining tables and bars.

A brightly lit kitchen not only adds to the functional efficiency of the kitchen, but it adds tremendous aesthetic value. Kitchen renovations should include lighting in your layout plan, because you may need to create new lighting sources for your new kitchen.

These insider tips will help you put your best foot forward for planning layouts during kitchen renovations. Learn more about your options by contacting companies like Cymbal Kitchen & Joinery.