Choosing the Right Plants for Your Patio: Adding Privacy, Colour, Snacks and More

When working with patio builders to create a new garden oasis, consider that the right plants can help to make your patio eve more comfortable, attractive and inviting. If you are tired of a boring, sparse patio, check out these tips on which plants you need. Whether you choose one plant or a range of plants, these recommendations are designed to fit a range of purposes:

1. Creating a border

A plant border around your patio softens the edges of this space and increases your privacy. Shrubs work great for this purpose, and you can plant them in the soil around your patio, or you can line the perimeter of your patio with deep thick planters and put the shrubs in them.

To create a border quickly, Honey Wonder and Honey Gem shrubs grow relatively fast, and they feature beautiful golden flowers. In coastal areas, Coastal Prestige and Coastal Twilight are also fast growing shrubs with pink or terracotta-coloured flowers respectively.

If you don't want the width created by most shrubs, surround your patio with trellises and plant climbing vines such as the climbing wedge pea or native lilac.

2. Adding colour

If you want to focus on adding colour to your patio, the shrubs and creepers above fill some of that need, but you can also use small, colourful, potted plants. For a burst of colour on a shady patio, put out pots of clivia, a plant with dark green foliage and orange, red, cream or yellow flowers. These plants grow well everywhere but mountainous regions.

If you need hardy flowers that grow well in full sun, opt for geraniums or pelargonium.

3. Deterring mosquitoes

Rather than just using your plants to make your patio look good, consider using plants that perform a function. If you have lots of mosquitoes in your area, try planting citronella grass, catnip or lavender in your potted patio garden. All of these plants are known for deterring insects, and they look beautiful as well.

4. Feeding yourself

Finally, consider the joys of snacking on your patio. If you don't have the space, time or energy for a full garden, a small patio garden full of treats may be just what you need.

For something novel, fill your patio with potted citrus trees. When their fruits develop, you get the joy of eating lemons, kumquats or whatever type of citrus you have planted on the comfort of your porch. For a smaller treat, put in an herb garden on your patio, and fill it with basil, coriander, parsley and chives.

Although most of the plants in this post grow well in almost all parts of Australia, some of them may not be right for your climate. Always speak with a local gardening expert before making your final selection.