Questions First Time Movers Ask a Removalist

If you are moving out of a house or flat for the first time and you are thinking about hiring a removalist to transport your belongings, you may have some questions about the entire process. So to help ease your mind and make your move as smooth as possible, here are the answers to some of the most frequent questions first-time movers ask about removalists.

What is An AFRA Certified Removalist? -- AFRA stands for Australian Furniture Removers Association and it's a member organization that has established standards for removalists that includes safety protocols and safe moving practices. AFRA members have been vetted and must also take continuing education classes to retain their membership. Hiring an AFRA certified removalist can provide you with greater peace of mind regarding the level of professionalism you will receive.

Do You Offer Mobile Tracking? -- Mobile tracking is a technology that allows a removalist to track your moving truck en route to its final destination. This can be very valuable if you are moving from one Territory to another and you want to be able to use your mobile phone or tablet to know exactly where your belongings are at any given time. Many interstate removalists offer this technology at no additional cost to you when you are moving, but if this is something that is very important to you, make sure you ask any prospective removalist before you hire that company.

What Are In-Home Evaluations? -- Some removalists will send a representative to your home to have a look at all the items you plan on moving so that they can give you an estimated price that is tied to the weight of your items or the amount of time the removalist believes it will take to transport those items to your final destination. It's beneficial for you to find a removalist who offers this service, because a removalist who quotes you a price over the phone or on the Internet based on the number of rooms you are moving may under-charge you without being able to actually see the size of the things you are going to pack.

What Kind of Insurance Do You Carry? -- The answer is that it depends on what company you call. Australian law doesn't require removalists to carry insurance, but if they do carry insurance or offer you the option of buying insurance, they must have an insurance licence or have the authority to issue insurance from a licenced broker. Many removalists carry basic liability insurance, but if they don't, you should check your homeowner policy and ask your insurer if your personal property provision covers your items while they're in transit.