3 Considerations For Installing Readymade Shower Stalls During Bathroom Renovations

If you're planning to install a shower stall during your bathroom renovations, then you've probably made a good decision to keep the water from spreading to other parts of the bathroom. This guide is designed to help you consider different factors when installing readymade shower stalls during bathroom renovations.

Take Measurements

Even though you're planning to buy readymade shower stalls, be sure to take proper measurements of your bathroom to establish where the shower stall is going to be placed. If you're simply replacing your old one, then you will need measurements that match your existing shower stall. If you're installing a new one completely, then you will need to identify the specific bathroom location that will house the shower stall. Keep in mind that pre-fabricated shower stalls come in different sizes, so taking proper measurements on your own or with your bathroom renovations contractor will help you determine a size best suited to your bathroom.

Establish Whether You Want A Hinged Or Sliding Door

Shower stall doors can either be hinged or sliding. This will depend on your personal preference and the space you have available in your bathroom. Hinged doors offer easy operation because of the simple open and shut motion, but they require adequate clearance space between the shower stall and opposite wall to open fully. Sliding doors on the other hand don't require any clearance space, making them a good choice for smaller bathrooms with limited moving space. Even readymade shower stalls can be customised to meet your specific needs.  

Choose Between Framed And Frameless Shower Screens

Now that you've established your size and door style, you will need to make a choice between framed and frameless shower screens for your new shower stall. Without any framing around them, frameless shower screens present a look of streamlined elegance and visual continuity to make a bathroom appear bigger. Framed shower screens have metallic frames around the perimeter of the glass, but the framing can make the bathroom look smaller and more cramped. Keep in mind that frameless shower screens tend to be more expensive than framed shower screens, which could influence the choices of people on a budget. Semi-framed shower screens are emerging as a popular in-between choice for those who don't want to pay for expensive frameless shower screens, but also don't want the bulkiness of metal frames.

This guide will help you make a shower stall decision that works best for you during your bathroom renovations. For more information, cotnact contractors like Summit Bathrooms.