Important Factors to Discuss With Your Patio Builder Before Work Begins

When you want a new patio built on your property, you may be so eager to get the work done that you don't give much thought as to the materials, placement, and other such factors that go into the design and construction of this space. However, while you may be eager to get outside and enjoy the space, you also want to ensure the space works for you and your family for years to come. Note a few important factors to discuss with your patio builder before work begins so you are sure to have a patio that you'll enjoy for as long as possible.

1. Placement

Putting a patio directly behind a house may be somewhat traditional, but this may not be the best choice. Consider how much shade you'll get versus direct sunlight, and which of those you prefer when you're outside. If you like to sunbathe, you want the patio away from those large trees in your yard! Note too where noise might be coming from; the neighbor to your left may have kids who play outside and create lots of noise every weekend, the neighbor to your right is a retired couple who create little noise. Moving the patio placement closer to the quieter neighbors and away from the noisy ones may be a better choice. 

2. Materials

When considering the materials for the patio floor, note any maintenance they would need over the years and the ease and cost of replacing them. You might like very expensive slate or granite tiles, but if one should break, can you get a similar tile very easily and very affordably? Poured and stamped concrete can be made to look like expensive stone, but consider how you might need to retouch the color and finish as it fades or cracks over the years. If you cannot get stain colors that match, this can leave your patio very unsightly. Always consider the long-term use of the materials you choose for your patio when discussing your options with your contractor.

3. Comfort

The materials you choose for your patio floor should be comfortable for walking, but note how to add some comfort to your patio in other areas. Why not have a pergola built for added shade, a glass wall along one or both sides for even more noise insulation, or a water feature that can make the space even more relaxing? An electric-powered waterfall or fountain can add ambiance to any space and make your patio an outdoor oasis you can enjoy for years to come.