The Connection Between Your Mattress And Your Health

The condition of your mattress greatly affects your overall health. You may not be aware of the connection between the mattress and your health, but there is a significant connection, and you should always check whether your mattress is in good condition. Below is a guide on how to identify a faulty mattress and what to do about it.

Dirt and Pest Harbor

A mattress that is poorly maintained is likely to accumulate dirt and become a pest harbor. Dust mites and bedbugs are the most common pests you will find in the mattress, but in extreme cases, you might find cockroaches and termites. An old mattress that has been in use for many years should be one of your main concerns.

Pests and dirt in a mattress trigger respiratory ailments and allergies because they are often inhaled at night. It's advisable that you air your mattress regularly so as to discourage pests from hiding in it. Also, change your mattress every eight years because a mattress older than that becomes a risk to your health.

Out of Shape

A mattress that is out of shape poses a great danger to your health. For example, a mattress that has a warped shape and seems to sink in the middle is not good for your back and overall body alignment. An out of shape mattress will strain the body's pressure points when you're lying down, and the impact is likely to lead to long-term pains and strains or chronic conditions such as a chronic back pain.

If your mattress warps, replace it as soon as possible. A good mattress should be comfortable and allow you to toss and turn easily. The recommended type of mattress is the one that is flat and not dented, and also has a firmness of medium to firm, meaning that it's not too firm neither too soft.

Wrong Quality and Purpose

A faulty mattress doesn't have to be old, one that does not serve its intended purpose is faulty, as well. A major health risk associated with mattresses is having a mattress that does not cater for your current health condition or problem.

Ensure you consult your doctor and mattress provider on the best type of mattress to use. For example, if over the years, you've become obese or overweight, then consider changing your mattress. A mattress change is also recommended for people with severe back pain or the elderly.

A mattress is an important item in your life considering that, on average, you'll spend about six hours or more on it every day. So, get the right mattress to avoid unnecessary health ailments.