Questions to Ask When Considering a Retractable Roof Over Your Patio

A retractable roof can be a great choice for your home's patio or deck area; you can close the roof when it's a bit rainy or windy out or when the sun is too bright, and then open it on milder days when you want to enjoy your outdoor space. Retractable roofs are usually constructed with a set of louvers or slats that fold up and out of the way; you can open as many as you need for comfort or, in some cases, even have the slats twist so they open like window blinds. When you're ready to consider a retractable roof for your outdoor space, note a few questions to ask to ensure you get the right type for your home and know what to expect with their installation.

Ask about solar power

Retractable roofs probably don't use a lot of electricity, but if you can have a solar panel attached to them, this will mean that you won't see any spike in your electrical bills with their usage. Since a contractor will need to add wiring and other controls that allow you to open and close the roof, it may not be difficult for him or her to add a solar panel that is connected to the roof alone. This can mean spending less money on your roof's operation overall and not worrying about whether or not it will close during a strong storm, when your home's power may have gone out.

Note if you can build or use your own support frame

You may want to reduce the expense of a retractable roof by building your own frame, or your home's patio may have a pergola frame or other structure already in place. Rather than assuming that a retractable roof company needs to provide a frame along with the roof, ask if they can create louvers that fit a frame already in place or that you will build, as this may be an option for you.

Ask the weight they can withstand and how to maintain them

Chances are your new retractable roof is not meant to hold up the weight of someone walking across them or even a high-powered pressure washer, so be careful about how they are maintained. Usually you need to use only a garden hose to clean them; in some cases, a strong scrub brush, such as you would use for your car, is also sufficient. Ask about their maintenance and how to clean them rather than assuming they're as strong as your home's roof when they're installed.

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