Back to the 80s: The Newest Trend in Kitchen Design

One of the top trends in kitchen design this year has been a return to the decade of big hair, shoulder pads, and love ballads. That's right … the '80s are making a comeback, though if you're planning a new kitchen, don't think you have to go all out with a mirrored backsplash and a boombox in the corner. Instead, consider adding hints of '80s chic to your kitchen design so that you can be retro cool and the envy of your friends.

Save room for a table

If you think back to American movies of the '80s, families always ate their breakfast in the kitchen gathered around a large table, rather than sitting at breakfast bars or at island tables as people have in more recent years. To introduce a little '80s flair into your kitchen, leave room in your design for a casual table that your family can gather at in the mornings before you start your day. And if you have a more formal dining room that is separate from the kitchen, great. This was a common feature of '80s homes.

Downsize your kitchen islands 

The trend of the kitchen island started in the '80s, though the islands then were a lot smaller than the large islands of today. As they grew in size and popularity through the 90s and 2000s, kitchen islands started to include things such as a second sink, a microwave etc. and now they are often a main feature of the kitchen. To get a bit retro, go for something smaller and more pared back.

Consider plywood

Plywood was a massive trend in '80s home design, and it was often used in the kitchen to make cabinets. If you really want to indulge in the '80s trend, this look can be chic and fresh in the right house. If you're worried that it will look naff once the trend has passed, remember that plywood can be easily painted and modernised once you're bored of the '80s and want a time machine to take you back to the future!

Add some pastels

Pastel colours were all the rage in '80s kitchens. Instead of going full out and painting your kitchen baby blue or frosted pink, consider adding accents of pastels around your kitchen. Perhaps you could work a little lilac into your backsplash, or add a touch of peach by painting just one wall that colour and leaving the rest a more everyday magnolia shade. The possibilities are endless.

Whatever '80s touches you add to your kitchen, you're bound to get your friends talking and reminiscing about the days of Miami Vice and Kylie and Jason. For more information, contact a kitchen designer in your area.