What Almost Everyone Forgets to Discuss With Their Office Cleaners

When hiring office cleaners, you want to take the time to go over every detail with them about how the office needs to be cleaned and if you have any preferences as to cleaning products and processes, and the like. As detailed as you might be, you may very well forget to discuss a few important things with a potential office cleaning company. Note a few of these here so nothing is overlooked or assumed when work begins. Read More 

Simple Maintenance Guidelines for Outdoor Teak Furniture

There are numerous materials that are used to build residential outdoor furniture for placement in the patio and other external spaces. However, teak wood is one of the most favourable choices in terms of overall advantages. The hardwood lumber obtained from teak has natural oils in its structure and is significantly dense. This aromatic oil is an important repellent that prevents damage by pests such as wood borers and termites. Read More 

How to Make a Shishi Odoshi for Your Garden

If you'd like to recreate the ambience of a Japanese garden in your outside space, why not install a traditional shishi odoshi, or bamboo water hammer?  This interesting and decorative water feature was originally used as a deer scarer by rice farmers to protect their crops from raiding animals.  Now the gentle, hollow knocking sound of the hammer against the cheerful burble of running water makes a lovely complement to any garden design. Read More 

How To Ensure That Your Fire Extinguisher Will Help You Control A House Fire

House fires are an unfortunate but common occurrence. In Queensland alone, there were 2500 house fires in 2014, and in a five year period 80 lives were lost. Having the right equipment to put fires out before they can cause serious damage is vital. A fire extinguisher is one of the most important pieces of equipment to have. However, simply have a fire extinguisher in the house isn't enough. Here's how to make sure your fire extinguisher will be of assistance if a fire breaks out in your home. Read More 

Common Types of Air Cleaners For Your Home

If you live in a home that attracts a great deal of dust, pollen, and dirt, you may need to buy an air cleaner to purify the air quality and to help relieve breathing problems such as asthma or severe allergies. There are several types of air cleaners on the market, and here is a breakdown of the most common ones you can buy and how they work. HEPA Filter Cleaners -- HEPA is an acronym for High Efficiency Particulate Air and is a technology that was first invented in the second World War to help soldiers breathe in environments contaminated by radioactive material. Read More