Tips For Making Your Child's Bedroom Fun And Functional

Troubleshooting Clothes Dryer Problems

Having a clothes dryer is handy because you don't have to go outside to hang your laundry in order to dry it. But, when the dryer goes on the fritz, you are stuck doing things the old fashioned way until you can have proper clothes dryer repairs done. You can do your own troubleshooting, and there are some problems that you can easily fix yourself. Others will require professional clothes dryer repairs. Read More 

The advantages of fibreglass pools over concrete pools

Fibreglass pools have several advantages over concrete pools and are a popular option for backyard pools. Consider some of the following benefits of fibreglass pools: Speed of installation Fibreglass pools are substantially quicker to install than concrete pools as there is not need for a curing process and the pool comes as a single piece, with a predesigned shape. Fibreglass pool installation requires similar digging and earthmoving but the pool can be installed in less than a week. Read More 

Four Things You Should Consider When You Waterproof Your Basement

 Waterproofing a basement is part of the routine maintenance and upkeep for homeowners. You may be considering reapplying the waterproofing or applying it for the first time. Before you handle the job yourself, there are a few things you should consider. Here are three considerations that will help you decide if you can handle the job, how best to approach it and what you should do if you can't handle the job yourself. Read More 

Bathroom Renovations That Will Give The Illusion Of A Bigger Space

Homeowners with a small bathroom think that there is not much they can do to spruce it up. However, it can be easier than you think. Here are some ideas for bathroom renovations that can give the illusion of a bigger space. Exchange a tub for a shower Have the old tub removed and install a newer, modern shower unit with a large overhead spray. This will enable you to experience a luxurious spa treatment in your bathroom without having to compromise on the space available. Read More 

Termite Damage And Sinking Stumps: DIY Solutions And When To Call A Professional

Restumping a home can be incredibly expensive, and if your stumps have termite damage or if they are sunken deep into the ground, restumping may be your only option. However, there may be a quick fix you can try before you call the restumper. Here is a look at two DIY ideas and an explanation of when to call a professional: 1. Termite Damage Termites can be a huge deterrent to timber stumps. Read More