Ensuring the Stability of Your Shade Sails with Regular Inspections: What You Need to Do

Shade sails are a durable and unobtrusive way to protect you and your family from the sun, and can offer years of service. It's important to inspect your sails every now and again, just to ensure that sails are stable and can continue to offer that much-needed shade. The vast majority of shade sails will not encounter any problems with stability, but a regular inspection is important so that any problems can be fixed immediately. Read More 

Planning Kitchen Renovations? Design a Appealing Kitchen Layout with 3 Insider Tips

Your kitchen is the soul that binds every element in your home together, so naturally you'll want it to look absolutely perfect. Undertaking kitchen renovations requires careful consideration and planning. While the aesthetics are significant, the functionality is critical to a well-planned kitchen, especially when it comes to cooking and entertaining. To help you design a purposefully appealing kitchen, follow these insider tips for planning layouts. Plan Your Work Triangle Effectively             Read More 

Tip on Protecting Young Children from Poisonous Garden Plants

There are a number of garden plants that are poisonous and ingesting them can cause symptoms ranging from gastric upset to cardiac distress. Additionally, some poisonous plants will burn your skin on contact. So how do you keep young children safe from poisonous plants in your garden? Here's an overview of common poisonous plants and precautions you can take to protect your kids. Know Some Common Poisonous Garden Plants Here are seven garden plants that are poisonous to humans: Read More 

Keeping Shower Screens Clean: 3 Secret Weapons for Keeping Soap Scums at Bay

The fatty acids and sodium or potassium salts in bars of soap react with the metals in hard water, like magnesium, calcium or iron, to form soap scum – a solid, white deposit. As you shower, soapy water splashes onto the shower screens, and with time, you should see a layer of soap scum accumulate on the surfaces. Getting rid of soap scum requires a lot of elbow grease unless you have these 3 secret weapons by your side: Read More 

Tips For Choosing Window Shutters

Window shutters now come in so many styles and colours that it can be extremely difficult to choose the right ones for your home. If you are in such a dilemma, read on to find out how you can navigate through that huge variety of shutters on the market so that you find what is right for you. Pick Wide Louvres For A Simple, Unfussy Look If you are a minimalist and you prefer your window shutters to be simple and unfussy, select louvres that are wide (those that are wider than 80mm, for example). Read More